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Sagacity Forms is an intuitive, easy-to-use form builder designed to streamline the data collection process for law firms. With Sagacity Forms, law firms can build comprehensive collections of forms that are intelligently linked to corresponding data fields in Actionstep. The forms can be easily sent to clients, who can access and manage them through a single, user-friendly link without the need for usernames or passwords. The collected data can be seamlessly integrated with Actionstep, allowing firms to view the data and update matter participants, add contacts to the system, and update custom data fields with just a few clicks.

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Sagacity Forms simplifies the process of collecting client data by providing an easy-to-use platform for building and sending comprehensive forms. The forms can be easily accessed by clients through a single link, and submissions are intelligently linked to corresponding data fields in Actionstep, allowing for seamless integration and efficient management of data. Customization options, intuitive design, and streamlined workflows make Sagacity Forms a valuable tool for any law firm looking to save time and increase productivity.

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