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About Cloudcheck

Cloudcheck is New Zealand’s leading Electronic Identity Verification provider. Cloudcheck can verify your client in seconds with bank-grade biometric checks and direct access to local and international government databases. Nothing is mandatory making it cost-effective for all sizes of law practices.

Options include a full system integration, bespoke application forms, stand-alone portal and the ability to send your clients links to self-verify in their own time. With access to over 30 databases, across 5 countries and continuously monitoring over 500,000 news stories daily, Cloudcheck can identify your clients in a multitude of ways depending on your specific needs and risk requirements. Whether you need biometrics and facial recognition, bank details, or driving licenses and passports checks you confidential “Know your Customer” with Cloudcheck.

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  • Identity verification – Verify clients in seconds against AML/CFT
  • Choice of Biometrics, PEP & Sanction, Name, Address & Bank (directly integrated with NZ banks)
  • Fully managed & bespoke application forms
  • Over 30 databases, across 5 countries, and over 500,000 news stories daily
  • No minimum databases requirements – only pay for the data you check
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