Legal Technology Index first of it’s kind in New Zealand

This week LawFest NZ launched the country’s first index of legal technology businesses for legal professionals. The NZ Legal Technology Index lists specialist legal technology businesses that provide solutions to business challenges, so legal services can be delivered more efficiently and at a lower cost.

The index aims to improve access to legal technology products and services by listing businesses on its website including information on what the business does, key contact people and links to help you find out more about the provider.

Andrew King, founder of E-Discovery Consulting and LawFest NZ, says the index is where legal professionals can begin to search for potential providers to help them address business needs.

“A lot of legal professionals, both in-house counsel team and firms have challenges in how they can deliver their services faster, more accurately and for a lower price, but aren’t sure what solution they’re looking for, or where to even look. The LawFest NZ Legal Technology Index is the place to start and doesn’t result in spending needless hours searching the web”

Those on the index are specialists in the legal industry, providing technology or services specifically to address the challenges legal professionals face.

As it’s just been launched, the index is not yet a comprehensive listing, however it already offers a valuable selection of businesses who provide solutions into the legal industry, and is continuing to grow daily.

Technology businesses that provide products or services to the legal sector are able to list their business on the Legal Technology Index for as a premium or standard listing.

To explore the index, visit

To list your business on the index, visit:

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