LawFest welcomes back the discounted Under 30 pass

The ‘Under 30’ pass is back again for LawFest 2019, after its enormous success of its introduction earlier this year.

This discounted ticket option is to encourage young legal professionals who may just be starting their career to attend New Zealand’s premier legal innovation and technology event, and to encourage them to champion adoption of technology within their firms and organisations.

We see young legal professionals as one of the driving forces behind innovative changes in law firms and legal teams, and believe it’s a smart way to ensure you’re utilising the young people within it to adapt for the future.

How law is practiced and delivered today is going to change significantly – young legal professionals today need to be at the forefront, to embrace the change and capitalise on the new opportunities.

You will hear the stories of those from New Zealand and abroad, that are innovating through leveraging technology to help deliver more effective legal services. 

The ‘Under 30s’ ticket is not just for budding lawyers, as this is a great opportunity for the young support staff in your organisation to learn more and develop their skillset.

Make sure you are at LawFest 2019.

LawFest continues to lead the way in New Zealand to learn more about innovation and leveraging technology to help you deliver legal services, both for today and the future.

Get your “Under 30” ticket for LawFest today – only $250 + GST

LawFest 2019 is at the Cordis Hotel in Auckland on 21 March.

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