Legal innovation in New Zealand. Asia Law Portal interview with Andrew King, Founder, LegalTechHub

LegalTechHub founder Andrew King was recently interviewed by Asia Law Portal about the current state of legal innovation in New Zealand.

You can read the full interview here.

During this interview Andrew highlighted some of the recent measures to enhance the LegalTech Hub to bring the legal and technology community together in New Zealand at this challenging time with COVID-19. “I believe legal tech is now in the spotlight more than ever, and there is a real interest in what technologies are available that can help the legal community at this time. The dedicated Legaltech Hub helps to meet this renewed interest.”

The LegalTech Hub is a valuable resource for those seeking more information about the legal tech solutions available. The Hub showcases everything you need to know about legal technology providers, including “…contact details and more information about ‘what they do’ and how they may help. Needless to say the Legaltech Hub is the place for all legal tech providers in New Zealand to be present – if you provide legal tech products or services in New Zealand (or may want to), being listed on the Legaltech Hub is a must”.

The interview highlighted some of the key opportunities and changes with legal innovation as a result of COVID-19, as the legal industry like so many others have been thrown in at the deep end to adapt how they work.

“What has been heartening has been to see so many that have been able to adapt, embrace and lead the changes that we now face, whilst also reaching out to others.

The COVID-19 situation is providing considerable opportunities for the legal industry to re-evaluate how they deliver legal services for now and the future. Even though these are challenging times, they will definitely bring new opportunities, especially if we can be agile, adapt and embrace change – changes that should pay considerable dividends in helping shape the delivery of legal services for a long time to come.”

Check out the full Asia Law Portal interview here, to find out more about the current state of legal innovation in New Zealand.

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