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Auckland, New Zealand

About AML360

AML360 is recognised as a leading innovative software vendor.  Known as ‘Compliance-as-a-Service’ or ‘Software-as-a-Service’, the AML360 Cloud account automates operational workflows, including business risk assessments, policies, client screening, client risk profiling, client activity monitoring, management reporting, training, in-house compliance reviews, case management and more. AML360’s regulatory technology operates like an AML compliance professional, providing a single digital platform to manage every aspect of anti-money laundering compliance.

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  • Business risk assessments – select data on screen, add notations, click calculate. You receive a comprehensive risk report, along with heat maps and prompts for the AML/CFT programme. Sector and national risk assessments are incorporated.
  • Policy development and maintenance – discard your Word documents and go digital. Updates are instant.
  • Client risk profiling – comply with section 22(1)(d) and identify higher risk customers.
  • Activity monitoring – comply with section 31 and monitor client activity to identify red flags or unusual activity.
  • Compliance reviews – comply with section 59 and identify areas of higher risk across your compliance framework.
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