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Anthony Bleasdale
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Business Reporting, Legal operations, Speech/Audio

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About BigHand

We make it simple: our role is to continuously free up time, money and value, helping everyone in your organisation to focus on what they do best.

Through technology, insight and experience, we deliver success for the future by helping you achieve professional productivity and operational excellence.

We pride ourselves on communication. We’ll take the time to understand the challenges you face and craft a solution suited to your needs, using a combination of advanced workflow, task delegation, document
creation, intuitive reporting and analytics, matter pricing or clinical correspondence.

Most importantly, we lend a helping hand to keep things running smoothly. Our team of BigHanders provide proactive support, at every stage – that’s the BigHand Way, it’s what we’re known for.

Together, we can Make Big Happen.

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We have over 20 years’ experience creating solutions tailored to busy organisations like yours. Whether you’re looking for ways to streamline your communications, optimise your front and back offices, or get daily insights, we have the tools you need to help your firm be the best it can be.

Need assistance finding the right solution for your business? We can help.
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