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About Clio

We weren’t just first to market—we created an entire industry of cloud-based legal technology.

Clio is the world’s leading practice management software, with a user base of over 150,000 legal professionals in over 100 countries and have earned the approval of over 90 bar associations, law societies, and regulatory bodies.

Our impact echoes throughout the legal experience—our client-centred thinking and cloud-based technology transforms the way lawyers acquire clients, perform their legal work, and deliver services. Ultimately, we make it easier for lawyers and clients to connect and collaborate. Clio enables law firms to run more flexibly, from anywhere and on any device, creating efficiencies from client intake to invoice, and enabling service structures that make legal offerings accessible to more people.

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Clio’s industry-leading cloud-based legal software offers law firms the latest in legal practice management software and client relationship management (CRM) software capabilities.

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