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About Cloudland

Empowering New Zealand’s Businesses with Streamlined IT Solutions

Since its inception in 2009, Cloudland has grown from a specialised online backup provider to a key player in delivering versatile and effective IT solutions for businesses across New Zealand. Our ethos centres on simplifying technology to boost business efficiency, productivity, and growth.

A Commitment to Secure, Streamlined Operations

Recognising the pivotal role of data security and operational efficiency in business success, Cloudland offers solutions that safeguard critical information while streamlining operational processes. Our focus is on creating a secure, efficient environment where businesses can thrive without the complexities of managing IT infrastructure.

Facilitating Business Productivity and Growth

Our suite of services is carefully designed to align with your business objectives. We provide tools and platforms that enhance productivity, allowing your team to focus on core business activities. Cloudland’s solutions are not just about technology; they’re about enabling businesses to realise their full potential.

Building Partnerships for Success

At Cloudland, we believe in building strong partnerships with our clients. We go beyond the traditional client-service provider relationship, positioning ourselves as a strategic ally in your business journey. Our team is dedicated to understanding your business needs and collaboratively working to meet your unique business goals.

Driving Business Innovation

We are committed to helping New Zealand businesses stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market. Cloudland continually explores and integrates the latest technologies and practices, ensuring that our clients benefit from innovations that drive real business results. Our goal is to keep your business at the forefront of efficiency and competitiveness.

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Cloudland offers New Zealand’s legal sector a suite of managed IT services, emphasising security, confidentiality, and efficiency.

Our offerings include secure cloud-based workspaces, comprehensive cybersecurity measures, and reliable, fast support. Tailored to legal professionals, our services ensure seamless, secure access to critical data and applications, enhancing productivity and client service.

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