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About eBrief Ready

eBrief Ready is the next generation of electronic briefing – a 100% paperless, secure and accessible platform, enabling solicitors, barristers and courts to collaborate across the life of a legal matter.

Having been widely adopted in Australia and the UK, the eBrief Ready software has been tailored to New Zealand legal professionals, with the power to instantly create a casebook for court​. 

The platform eliminates the need to produce and deliver folders of paper briefs or to use specialist software to create casebooks that can be unwieldy to work with (although it also includes powerful functionality to automatically create pdf bundles of documents in minutes).

How eBrief Ready Works

  1. Drag and drop documents, emails, video and audio files into the platform, using your preferred folder structure to index documents.
  2. Non-PDF documents are retained in their native format as well as being converted to PDF and are accessible 24×7 from any device and location.
  3. Share a matter with other parties as soon as key documents are uploaded, and send notifications when new documents are added.
  4. Quickly search through thousands of pages to identify specific pieces of information and make annotations and notes which can be shared with others. 
  5. With two clicks users can create a professional casebook for barristers, courts or other parties if required.

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