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About FileTrail

We are the industry-leading information governance software suite for highly-regulated markets throughout North America, the UK, and Europe. Since 2000, FileTrail has served forward-thinking organizations in the legal, corporate, and government markets by providing a centralized, clear view of all data within an organization across multiple repositories, including both physical records and electronic files.

Designed as a fully integrated enterprise software, FileTrail provides a modern data governance solution to help organizations automate compliance with internal policies, governmental regulations, and outside counsel guidelines (OCG), create custom policies and taxonomies per industry, and reduce risk through retention and disposition management to reduce costs dramatically.

There’s a reason FileTrail has been leading the Information Governance market for 20+ years, and it all comes down to experience, customer service, and excellence. Stay on track with FileTrail — we’ll help you get there.

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FileTrail is committed to developing and supporting integrated platforms, including records management, information governance, and matter mobility, for a holistic approach to data management.

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