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Ashley Kelso, Co-Founder & CEO
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About Hivelight

Hivelight is the project management & collaboration platform for legal teams. Hivelight is built to solve the operational challenges of growing firms – providing you with a ready-to-go solution to manage your work and lead your team in a way that scales.

Hivelight has the flexibility to easily handle the practice areas where other workflow and matter management solutions breakdown – like litigation, family law, personal injury, and construction. With Hivelight you can add and remove workflows, milestones, and tasks on the fly, and chain them together to document the work and coordinate as a team as the matter develops. Fast, easy, simple.

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  • Integrates with leading practice management systems, including Clio, ActionStep, and Smokeball.
  • Instant visibility of the progress of all your matters, colour-coded and sorted by urgency.
  • Use modern legal project management to manage your matters and internal projects.
  • Easily develop your workflows and playbooks to quickly document the progress of your matters, upskill staff, and delegate work at scale.
  • Ever-expanding library of complementary workflows to help you systematize your firm today.
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