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About Insource

Insource is an unrivalled recruitment pipeline and data analytics technology platform that enables law firms to take control of their recruitment in-house for a fraction of the cost and time.  The most comprehensive qualified database of New Zealand and Australian practising lawyers and legal executives, Insource empowers HR teams and hiring partners to build relationships directly with their ideal future candidates and front foot candidates ahead of recruiters.  The rich data provides up to date insights on the talent composition and talent movement.  “Insource is a powerful addition to our recruitment efforts that has changed the way we locate and identify talent” – Jon Calder, CEO Tompkins Wake

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Insource allows law firms to search up to date profiles of lawyers and legal executives for live roles, create market maps and talent pipelines for future hires.  The applicant tracker manages the recruitment lifecycle. Insource is accessible and affordable by firms of all sizes and enables better workforce planning strategies. 

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