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About TorFX

At TorFX, we are one of the longest-standing and largest privately held foreign exchange (FX) groups in the world. Our FX and Payments Service enables you to effectively manage the FX process for your clients, helping them mitigate currency risk and achieve a higher transaction value. We undertake all transaction monitoring, client KYC and AML/CFT on your behalf and in accordance with local regulatory obligations. With our dedicated one-on-one service, we guide your clients through the trading process, ensuring they make informed decisions. Join a diverse clientele, including private individuals, high net worth clients, SMEs, and large corporates, across all industry sectors, in experiencing the TorFX advantage. 

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TorFX can help your clients reduce costs saving them significant money on their overseas currency transfers, and without any fees.  We regularly support clients in facilitating;

  • Property settlement transfers
  • Legal costs payments
  • Wills and estate settlement transfers
  • International investments transfers
  • International relocation and migration payments
  • Cross-border commercial and M&A transactions
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