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About Advantage – Cybersecurity specialists Advantage have been around for a while; over 37 years in fact. We started out building hardware for the local New Zealand market back in the early Eighties. Most of our customers were in the financial, legal, and medical industries where regulatory requirements necessitated a focus on protecting data and …

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Wycane Legal Transformation

About Wycane Legal Transformation provides consultancy services to corporate legal departments and law firms. We help legal teams identify, tailor and deploy the right solutions – legal tech and non-tech – to add the most value to their business. Helping them find opportunities to innovate, manage risk and work more efficiently. We take the time …

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Oneconsult New Zealand

About Oneconsult New Zealand The Oneconsult Group is a Swiss cybersecurity provider operating independently of any particular products or manufacturers. In January 2022, Oneconsult opened a branch in Auckland – Oneconsult New Zealand Ltd. With our Red Teaming, Penetration Testing, and Security Academy services, we specialise in the effective, preventive fight against cyberattacks. Whether you …

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About NZCS Leading the way with more than 50 years of combined experience in Infinitylaw, we offer unsurpassed consultation, cyber security services and guidance to law firms throughout New Zealand. Overview Expert IT Consultation Network Infrastructure Design + Build Cyber Security Consultation + Training Full IT Support for your Team

Kinetics Group

About Kinetics Group At Kinetics we help our clients use IT as a competitive advantage. We provide network support and cybersecurity protection etc, but digital transformation is where we really make a difference.  We help organisations figure out where and what IT will have the biggest impact and work with them to make that a …

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About SecureCom SecureCom is a NZ managed and owned Managed Services Provider (MSP) providing end to end IT and Cyber Security services to professional services companies.  We have operated in New Zealand for 20 years and today we manage the IT and Security services for over 250 NZ based clients, who rate their satisfaction with us at >97%.   We offer a range of Cloud based solutions, specifically Professional Services businesses that to allow …

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